Meet the Fundstory control center

The Fundstory control center might look simple and sleek, but its powerful engine makes it an invaluable tool for any organization. Reduce time spent pulling data sets from multiple spreadsheets and monitor all of your companys funding related data in one place.. This visual interface helps you analyze all aspects of your funding goals from a single intuitive viewpoint.

Track every stage

Track and analyze your Funding Score to see the difference in risk associated with your business compared to last week. More options can be better options, see how many new funding partners you matched with this past week and what that brings your total number of matched partners to. Track how much funding you have already secured and the amount of funds that went in or out of your account this past week.

Taking steps to meet your funding goal

Make informed, confident decisions with our recommended next steps, designed to be actionable and attainable while quickly and efficiently guiding you to your business objectives. Utilize the funding progress bar to track how close you are to reaching your full funding goal and to visualize the individual contributions from each lender. Understand which lenders are subordinates with marked indicators.

Capital partner repayment tracking

The more diverse your funds raised are, the more complicated the repayment process can be. Know exactly where you stand with each capital partner that you received funding from. The process of repaying a partner has long been overlooked and neglected. Keep a watchful eye on your progress in this vital step of the funding journey, by viewing all of your funding partners and the percentage repaid to them in one live and intuitive window.

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