In this guide we will cover:

  • Inviting a teammate to Fundstory

  • Giving your teammates dashboard access

Inviting a teammate to Fundstory

Proactively analyzing numbers with your teammates is a must-have for any modern finance team. Inviting your teammates to Fundstory allows you to unleash the full power of collaborative financial planning software. We have streamlined the process of adding teammates with our intuitive interface. Team members can be invited by clicking on your company profile at the top right of any screen or selecting Company Profile on the left side navbar and then selecting “Manage team”. From there, just add the email of the team member you want to invite and assign them a role to determine their level of access.

Giving your teammates dashboard access

As with any financial collaboration tool, once your teammates are invited, it's time to assign them to the right task in order to maximize their contribution to the project. Create private spaces, set workflows, define permissions & exchange ideas at breakneck speed. To do this, navigate to the “Company Profile” button on the navbar. From there select “Team” to view all your invited team members and the permissions for each one. Click on the team member that you want to assign a task to, and edit their permissions to reflect your needs.

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