Add powerful apps to your workflow

Install any of the apps in our marketplace to seamlessly integrate powerful tools that provide you with the strategic insights to conquer your fundraising goals. All of our internal apps are developed with a single goal in mind: supplementing the Fundstory process by increasing the odds of a successful fundraise for all of our users. All 3rd party apps are thoroughly vetted and stress-tested to confirm that the Fundstory experience will be enhanced by the addition of that app.

FundStory Planning app

The Fundstory Planning app provides finance teams with a clear path forward in their fundraising journey. Not knowing what to do to increase your Funding Score has been a problem in the past and it has contributed to the anxiety involved in the fundraising process. Our intuitive kanban-style app makes it easy to track and perform actionable qualitative tasks that actively move the needle on your Funding Score. Take the guesswork out of what it takes to improve your business funding odds and start planning now.

FundStory Targeting app

The Fundstory Targeting app provides you with the quantitative data you need to better understand, and de-risk your business. Understanding what is driving your Funding Score and how to increase it is part of the unfair advantage the Fundstory aims to give to each and every user. Automate the data gathering with your financial integrations to help shape the best way forward. Manage your financial and operational data quickly and efficiently by tracking high volumes of operational metrics. Do away with time-draining manual tasks and focus on the path to growth and profitability.

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